The Dangerous Summer - Never Feel Alone (Acoustic)

amazing…aj’s amazing…especially at the end

why have i never seen this? what is wrong with that picture?


im just gonna leave this here.

no one’s gonna need you more <3

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here have some cody

here have some cody

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Live Music Video: No One’s Gonna Need You More - The Dangerous Summer

this is actually really pretty. and im gonna miss kyle. but its nice to have ty back


What I’ve come to realize after listening to The Dangerous Summer over and over again; constantly interpreting their lyrics, is that my interpretation changes depending on the situation im in.

Tonight I recorded “No One’s Gonna Need You More” and came to an odd realization.
After doing about 3 takes of the song i had my boyfriend sit in the “vocal booth” with me. That take, the one i posted came out perfectly.

A few weeks ago, this song meant something completely different to me.
It was someone longing for a lost love. It was someone trying to explain to that lost love that there will never be someone that will love them as much as “I” do.
But the more I thought about what has happened to me in the last few weeks, the more I began to realize how much more meaning this song has for me. 
so here’s what this song means to me now, in this exact moment in my life:
No one’s gonna need you more.
I’ve always been terrified to open my heart to someone. I really thought after so many moments of being heart broken and so many moments where I had given my all for someone just for them to leave that i would never let someone in again. 
But, I was wrong.
And now that i’ve finally found what I’ve been wishing for for so long “No One’s Gonna Need You More” means that Im absolutely terrified of losing it.
I’ve realized that it is possible to look at the song as a reflection.
A reflection on what your head is telling you is completely possible because of how many times youve been hurt by people. 
Your head is constantly playing the “what if” game.
What if i do something wrong? What if you get bored with me? What if i lose you?
And so the song is a longing for that person even though they are still right by your side.
It’s beautiful paranoia.

I could be completely off with this.
But isn’t that what makes lyrics so beautiful? The fact that they are so vague and universal yet so complex and personal.

You’re the home i’ve been dying to make.
And the gold that god didnt take.
I’ll hold that waiting hand for you
And drown all the words out. 

enjoy <3


here’s another cover. 
the permanent rain.

a tds classic ;) 

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The Dangerous Summer - A Space To Grow

The Dangerous Summer - A Space To Grow

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